Domination: Earth Wiki

Unobtainium is the premium in-game currency. In contrast to the other resources it can not be found regularly on the world map.

How to get it


It can only be obtained via in-app purchases or on special in-game events on big international holidays like Christmas, Halloween or Easter. It can be bought in fixed amounts of 1 up to 600 units. Additionally, Android-users have the option buy Unobtainium via an weekly subscription of 10 or 20 units.


One unit of Unobtainium can be exchanged into 20 units of Money or 4 units of Supplies or 2 units of Personnel at any time. Additionally, Unobtainium can be used to move one of your bases after you have already spent your first free move. Using Unobtainium makes it possible to expand the inventory limit. It is also needed to build an eternal Supply Factory, the Missile Launcher and the Nuclear Silo and to fire with the Nuclear Silo.


Halloween 2017

On Halloween 2017 it was possible to scrap Unobtainium of real-world items barcodes (No QR-Codes or similar) at the 31st of October and the 1st of November. There was also a contest of the most scariest scrapped item which had to be send to the developer by private mail in the forum which was rewarded with 30 units of Unobtainium. in total there was given away a few hundred units of Unobtainium.

Christmas 2017

On Christmas 2017 it was possible to receive Unobtainium when upgrading (once every 24 hours per land) or capturing a new piece of land under specific not publicly mentioned weather conditions. Who didn't get to obtain any Unobtainium during the event but tried had automatically participated in a lottery with several winners to have an additional chance of getting Unobtainium. Getting Unobtainium would have noticed under messages.

Easter 2018

On Easter 2018 there was a small chance of getting Unobtanium whenever collecting resources on the world map originally from 30th of March until the 8th of April which was expanded to 13th of April.