Domination: Earth Wiki

The tracking satellite can be built for 200 Coin, 10 Supplies, and 20 Personnel. A photo of the construction cost is available on the left (top photo)



After construction it costs 1 Personal to collect all Resources that are lying on top of lands that you own. It only applies to land you own and thus is better suited to players with large lands or players with more than a couple level 100 lands. Also, they only collect resources from the lands around the base they are built in so players with several bases will have to build multiply Satellites if they are active in different bases often. After gathering resources they do not have a cool down but are not efficient if used more than once within a small timeframe (about an hour) as no resources will have spawned. Using the Tracking Satellite will not generate more resources, it will only collect what has been generated by claiming and upgrading land. (A photo of the menu for the Tracking Satellite is to the lower left)