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The Base (see photo to left) is what determines your storage capacity for resources, amount of Army, and what access to PvP and trading you have. It is also often used as a general guideline to what level you are by the community of players.


Early Use

The first action a player must take is placing their base, so naturally it is one of the most important things in the game. After the brief slide-show interdiction to the game the first message players get is the one available below this, followed by a brief description of the "Collect Resources" button and then another message (below the first image)

After placing a Base the player automatically gets a bonus login so the base defence is automatically boosted to a 2 point defence bonus. This occurs only on the first base a player establishes, further ones are not included in this privilege. The first level base offers a storage space that will held 100 supplies, 100 personnel, and 1000 Coins. The storage will expand every consecutiveSpecial level.


Special Behavior

The Base behaves the same at most levels but it does have a few exceptions. The first one is when a base levels up to level 10 it suddenly makes the player (assuming its the players first base to hit level 10) both open to attack and open to trade. This makes it important to have both defence and an army at level 9 so that when the player levels up they are not immediately attacked and defeated.

The second different behavior is when the Perk Fortification is upgraded, this allows the base to have a higher maxed out defence limit and starts the check in higher than it normally would. This is a permanent change once the Perk is purchased and will always take effect when owned.

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